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Comparing Brooks Running Shoes: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Run

Muhammad Saleem Shahzad


Running is a challenging but rewarding activity that requires the right gear to enhance your performance and ensure comfort. One popular choice among runners is the Brooks Ghost shoe, known for its neutral support, balanced cushioning, and smooth ride. In this article, we will compare the Brooks Ghost to other Brooks running shoes to help you determine if it is the right fit for your specific running needs.  

The Brooks Ghost 15: A New Level of Cushioning

The latest iteration of the Brooks Ghost, the Ghost 15, takes cushioning to a whole new level. With its full-length DNA LOFT v2 cushioning, the Ghost 15 offers a soft and smooth ride that absorbs impact and provides excellent comfort. It retains some of its most-loved features, such as the segmented crash pad underfoot and a breathable mesh upper. The shoe also features a refined 3D Fit Print that enhances the secure fit, ensuring distraction-free comfort mile after mile.

Comparing the Ghost to Other Brooks Running Shoes

To determine if the Brooks Ghost is the right fit for you, let's compare it to other Brooks running shoes in the Cushion category. The defining feature of this category is underfoot softness, which provides a feeling of running on clouds. Consider the fit, support, and ride of each shoe to find your perfect match.

Ghost: The Balanced Choice

The Brooks Ghost is loved by runners for its smooth ride and balanced cushioning. It offers just the right amount of cushioning to provide comfort with each step while remaining responsive for a quick toe-off. The upper strikes a sweet spot between roominess and security, ensuring a comfortable fit throughout your run.

Adrenaline GTS: Supportive Smoothness

If you prefer a shoe with support, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS is a great option. It offers the same smooth ride as the Ghost but provides additional support. The Adrenaline GTS features soft and responsive cushioning and incorporates GuideRails® Support Technology to keep excess movement in check, ensuring a stable and comfortable running experience.

Glycerin: Plush Comfort

For those who crave even more cushioning, the Brooks Glycerin is the perfect choice. It offers a softer and snugger fit compared to the Ghost, thanks to its increased cushioning and plush liner. The Glycerin is the ultimate "Mama Bear" of running shoes, providing a luxurious and comfortable feel for long-distance runs.

Glycerin GTS 19: Ultimate Softness and Support

If you want extreme comfort and industry-leading support, the Brooks Glycerin GTS 19 is the shoe for you. It combines the supreme softness of the Glycerin with GuideRails® technology for added support. The Glycerin GTS 19 offers a super cushioned feel and a cozy interior liner, ensuring maximum comfort and stability throughout your run.

Explore Your Options and Find Your Perfect Fit

If you're already running in the Brooks Ghost and want to try something similar or expand your horizons, Brooks offers a wide range of options to meet your exact needs. The Brooks Shoe Finder tool is a valuable resource that can help you find the perfect shoe based on your preferences and running style. Additionally, you may find your match outside the Cushion category entirely. Brooks' Energize, Speed, and Trail collections provide a variety of options for runners seeking a different on-the-run experience.


Choosing the right running shoe is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable running experience. The Brooks Ghost, with its neutral support, balanced cushioning, and smooth ride, is a popular choice among runners. However, it's essential to consider other Brooks running shoes like the Adrenaline GTS and Glycerin, which offer different levels of support and cushioning. Explore the options available and use the Brooks Shoe Finder tool to find the perfect shoe that suits your specific running needs. With the right pair of shoes, you'll be ready to hit the ground running and conquer your goals.

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