Top  Garment Manufacturing Companies in Turkey

Top Garment Manufacturing Companies in Turkey


The textile industry in Turkey stands as a pivotal sector, contributing significantly to the country's economy and employment. Known for its rich history in textile production, Turkey has evolved to become one of the major players in the global textile market.

Brief Overview of Turkey's Textile Industry

Turkey's textile industry is renowned for its high-quality production, modern technology, and innovative designs. It is a dynamic and fast-growing sector, integrating both traditional methods and the latest technological advancements. This industry is one of the cornerstones of the Turkish economy, characterized by its vast range of products and significant export capacity.

Importance of Garment Manufacturing in Turkey

Garment manufacturing is a crucial component of Turkey's textile industry. It holds a key position in the country's export economy, with a reputation for producing a wide array of clothing items, from high-end fashion to everyday wear. The sector is known for its quick turnaround, flexibility, and ability to produce both large and small orders, making it a preferred choice for international brands.

Bakirlar Tekstil: A Legacy in Textiles

History and Evolution

Bakirlar Tekstil is a prominent name in the Turkish textile industry, boasting a rich history that spans several decades. The company has evolved through the years, adapting to new market trends and technological advancements, while maintaining its commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Key Fabric Offerings

Specializing in a variety of fabrics, Bakirlar Tekstil offers a diverse range of products that cater to different needs. Their portfolio includes everything from basic cotton textiles to more sophisticated blends, each characterized by quality and durability.

Getting in Touch: Contact Information

For those interested in learning more about Bakirlar Tekstil or inquiring about their products, the company provides several channels of communication, including phone, email, and a dedicated customer service team.

Visiting Bakirlar Tekstil: Hours and Location

Bakirlar Tekstil is located at the heart of Turkey's textile hub. They welcome visitors and clients, providing specific visiting hours and a user-friendly location for both local and international clients.

Elza Clothing: Fashion Meets Innovation

Signature Apparel Collections

Elza Clothing is known for blending fashion with innovation, creating unique apparel collections that stand out in the market. Their collections are a testament to their creative approach, combining contemporary designs with traditional textile techniques.

Contact and Communication Details

For inquiries, orders, or collaborations, Elza Clothing offers comprehensive contact details, including email, phone numbers, and social media platforms, ensuring smooth and efficient communication with clients and partners.

Operational Details: Hours and Location

Elza Clothing operates from a strategically located facility, offering convenient operational hours. Their location is accessible and designed to facilitate seamless interaction with customers and business partners.

Blend Textile: Diversity in Textile Craftsmanship

Exploring Their Textile Range

Blend Textile is celebrated for its diverse range of textile products, showcasing a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern designs. Their range includes a wide selection of textiles, each characterized by quality, innovation, and aesthetic appeal.

Contact and Correspondence

For business inquiries or further information, Blend Textile offers multiple channels of communication. Their customer service is geared towards providing detailed information and assistance to their clients and partners.

Business Hours and Location Insights

Strategically situated, Blend Textile's location and business hours are designed to accommodate the needs of their diverse clientele. Their operational framework is tailored to ensure that they remain accessible and responsive to market demands.

FKN Textiles: Pioneers of Fabric Technology

Specialized Product Range

FKN Textiles stands at the forefront of fabric technology, distinguished by their specialized product range. They focus on innovative textiles that cater to various industries, setting new standards in fabric quality and functionality.

Contact Information and Accessibility

For those interested in FKN Textiles' products or partnerships, the company provides comprehensive contact information. Accessibility is a key aspect of their customer service, offering various communication channels for ease of interaction.

Working Hours and Corporate Address

FKN Textiles operates from a corporate address that is central to the textile industry. Their working hours are structured to cater to both local and international clients, ensuring flexibility and convenience for business interactions.

Mavi: A Tradition of Quality

Premium Textile Portfolio

Mavi is synonymous with quality in the textile industry. Their premium textile portfolio showcases a commitment to excellence, with products that blend traditional craftsmanship with modern technology.

How to Connect with Mavi

Mavi values open communication and provides multiple ways for clients and partners to connect with them. This includes contact through phone, email, and various digital platforms, facilitating seamless communication.

Location and Operating Hours

Situated in a prime location, Mavi's headquarters are easily accessible. Their operating hours are designed to accommodate a wide range of customer schedules, making it convenient for visits and professional meetings.

Eleven Athletics: Specialists in Athletic Apparel

Athletic Wear Collections

Eleven Athletics specializes in athletic apparel, offering collections that are both functional and fashionable. Their products are designed to meet the needs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts, combining performance with style.

Reaching Out to Eleven Athletics

Eleven Athletics provides clear and direct channels for communication, ensuring that customers and business partners can easily reach out with inquiries or collaboration proposals.

Business Hours and Location

The business hours and location of Eleven Athletics are tailored to suit their clientele. Their facilities are strategically located to be accessible while providing an environment conducive to business and client interactions.

Berke Global Tekstil: Global Leaders in Textiles

Overview of Global Textile Products

Berke Global Tekstil is a leader in the global textiles market, offering a diverse range of products. Their portfolio includes textiles for various applications, showcasing their expertise and global reach.

Contact and Communication Channels

To engage with their international clientele, Berke Global Tekstil offers a variety of contact and communication channels. These are designed to facilitate easy and efficient communication across different regions and time zones.

Business Operations: Times and Location

Berke Global Tekstil's business operations are structured to support their global presence. Their operating times and locations are chosen to optimize interactions with their international customer base, accommodating different time zones and geographical needs.

Brands-Atelier: The Art of Designer Textiles

Designer Textile Product Range

Brands-Atelier stands out in the textile industry for its exquisite designer textiles, embodying the perfect blend of art and functionality. Their product range is a testament to their commitment to fashion, quality, and uniqueness, catering to the high-end market with an array of luxurious fabrics.

Contact Information for Brands-Atelier

Those interested in Brands-Atelier's offerings have access to comprehensive contact information. The company emphasizes ease of communication for clients and partners, ensuring a smooth and responsive interaction.

Address and Operating Hours

Located in a key fashion district, Brands-Atelier’s address is easily accessible for visitors and business partners. Their operating hours are thoughtfully set to accommodate both local and international clientele, fostering an environment conducive to creativity and collaboration.

Fleksib Dis Ticaret: Flexibility in Textiles

Range of Flexible Textiles

Fleksib Dis Ticaret has carved a niche in the textile market with its range of flexible textiles. These textiles are designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern fashion and functional wear, showcasing adaptability and innovation.

Phone and Email Details

For inquiries or collaboration interests, Fleksib Dis Ticaret provides detailed phone and email contact options. This ensures effective communication, allowing for quick responses and easy access to information.

Working Hours and Location

Fleksib Dis Ticaret is strategically located to serve both the domestic and international markets. Their working hours are tailored to suit the needs of a diverse client base, enabling efficient business operations and client visits.

Too Fabric: Innovators in Fabric

Innovative Fabric Lineup

Too Fabric is recognized for its innovative approach to fabric manufacturing. Their lineup includes cutting-edge fabrics that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, reflecting the latest trends in textile technology.

Contact Details and Communication

Too Fabric ensures a seamless communication process for clients and partners, providing detailed contact information. Their approach to communication is centered on clarity and responsiveness, fostering strong business relationships.

Operational Times and Physical Address

Situated in a convenient location, Too Fabric's physical address is both accessible and client-friendly. The operational times are set to facilitate interactions with a global clientele, accommodating various time zones and schedules.

Zenen Tekstil: Leading in Textile Manufacturing

Premier Textile Products

Zenen Tekstil is a leader in the textile manufacturing sector, known for its premier textile products. Their range includes high-quality fabrics suitable for various applications, from fashion to functional wear, highlighting their industry expertise.

Contact Channels and Information

Zenen Tekstil offers multiple contact channels, including phone and email, ensuring efficient communication. This accessibility is a key aspect of their customer service strategy, aiming to provide prompt and accurate responses.

Business Hours and Location Insights

The location and business hours of Zenen Tekstil are optimized to support their status as a leading textile manufacturer. Their operational framework is designed to cater to a wide range of customers, ensuring ease of access and interaction.

Enso Textile: The Artistic Side of Textiles

Artistic Textile Creations

Enso Textile is renowned for its artistic approach to textiles, merging art with fabric to create unique textile creations. Their products are a blend of creativity and quality, appealing to those who appreciate the artistic side of textiles.

Contacting Enso Textile

Enso Textile is committed to maintaining open lines of communication with clients and collaborators. Their contact details are readily available, facilitating easy and effective interaction.

Operational Details and Location

Enso Textile operates from a location that reflects their artistic ethos, easily accessible to clients and partners. Their operational details, including business hours, are structured to accommodate the needs of a diverse and creative clientele.

Elza Clothing: Company Profile

Main Products

Elza Clothing is renowned for its diverse range of apparel that caters to contemporary fashion trends. The company specializes in creating clothing that combines style with comfort, appealing to a wide demographic.

Telephone Details

Elza Clothing provides a dedicated telephone line for customer inquiries and support. This line is manned by knowledgeable staff who can assist with product information, orders, and customer service.

Email Information

For those who prefer digital communication, Elza Clothing offers an email address. This platform is monitored regularly, ensuring prompt responses to queries regarding their products or services.

Operating Times

The operating times of Elza Clothing are designed to cater to a broad customer base. These hours are set to accommodate different time zones and schedules, ensuring accessibility for both domestic and international clients.

Physical Address

Elza Clothing's physical address is strategically located to facilitate easy access for clients and suppliers. The location is chosen for its convenience and accessibility.

ATT Clothing: Corporate Details

Signature Products

ATT Clothing stands out for its signature products that blend innovative design with quality materials. Their product line is tailored to meet the evolving needs of the fashion-conscious market.

Contact Phone

For direct communication, ATT Clothing provides a contact phone number. This line is an efficient way for customers and business partners to get in touch with the company for immediate assistance or information.

Email for Queries

ATT Clothing also offers an email address as a point of contact. This email is monitored regularly, ensuring that inquiries and communications are addressed promptly and professionally.

Hours of Business

The business hours of ATT Clothing are set with customer convenience in mind. These hours are planned to align with global business practices, accommodating clients from various time zones.

Location Insights

ATT Clothing’s location is chosen for its strategic advantage, positioned in a key area that is accessible for clients, suppliers, and employees. This location supports their business operations and client interactions.

AEM Textile: Business Insights

Primary Merchandise

AEM Textile is known for its primary merchandise, which includes a range of high-quality textiles suited for various applications. Their products are the result of advanced manufacturing processes and a deep understanding of the textile market.

Phone Contact

AEM Textile offers a dedicated phone line for customer service and business inquiries. This line is an important channel for direct communication, providing immediate assistance and information.

Email for Communication

For electronic correspondence, AEM Textile provides an email address. This is particularly useful for detailed inquiries and provides a record of communication for both parties.

Working Hours

The working hours of AEM Textile are structured to ensure efficiency and accessibility. These hours are tailored to meet the demands of a global clientele and to facilitate smooth business operations.

Office Location

The office location of AEM Textile is chosen for its accessibility and convenience. It supports efficient business operations and provides a central point for customer visits and professional meetings.

Konsey Textile: Company Information

Leading Products

Konsey Textile is recognized for its leading products in the textile sector. Their range includes textiles that are both innovative and of high quality, catering to a diverse clientele.

Contact Information (Phone)

Konsey Textile ensures easy communication with a dedicated phone line. This line serves as a direct link between the company and its clients, offering real-time assistance and information.

Email Address for Contact

The company also provides an email address for contact. This is a convenient option for those who prefer written communication, ensuring that queries are addressed efficiently.

Operational Hours

Konsey Textile’s operational hours are set to accommodate the needs of their global client base. These hours are planned to ensure that the company remains accessible to clients across different time zones.

Address Details

The address of Konsey Textile is carefully chosen for its strategic location. This location is ideal for facilitating smooth business operations and is easily accessible for clients and partners.

ZeriaTex: Company Synopsis

Core Products

ZeriaTex is known for its core products, which include a range of textiles renowned for quality and innovation. Their products cater to a wide market, reflecting the company's expertise in the textile industry.

Phone for Queries

For direct inquiries, ZeriaTex provides a phone number. This line is an essential communication tool, offering immediate response and assistance to customers and business partners.

Contact Email

ZeriaTex also offers an email address for contact. This email serves as an alternative communication channel, especially useful for detailed inquiries or formal communication.

Business Operation Hours

The business operation hours of ZeriaTex are designed to cater to a diverse customer base. These hours are aligned with international business practices, ensuring availability for clients in different regions.

Location Overview

ZeriaTex's location is selected for its convenience and accessibility. It supports the company's logistical and operational needs while being easily accessible for clients and visitors.

Akcakaya: Company Overview

Main Offerings

Akcakaya is a renowned company in the textile industry, known for its extensive range of high-quality textile products. Their main offerings include a diverse selection of fabrics and garments, designed to meet the needs of both the fashion industry and consumer markets.

Contact Number Details

For immediate communication and inquiries, Akcakaya provides a dedicated contact number. This number connects customers and business partners directly with their knowledgeable staff for prompt assistance and information.

Official Email

Akcakaya also facilitates communication through their official email. This channel is ideal for detailed inquiries and provides a reliable way for customers to receive comprehensive responses to their queries.

Working Time

The working time at Akcakaya is structured to cater to a global clientele. These hours are set keeping in mind the convenience of both domestic and international customers, ensuring accessibility and responsiveness.

Company Location

The location of Akcakaya’s company headquarters is strategically chosen for its accessibility. It serves as a central hub for their operations and is conveniently located for customers, suppliers, and employees.

Momteks: Corporate Synopsis

Specialized Products

Momteks is noted for its specialized products in the textile sector. Their range focuses on high-quality textiles designed for specific applications, catering to niche markets with a demand for specialized textile solutions.

Telephone Contact

To ensure efficient communication, Momteks offers a telephone contact. This line is available for customer queries, orders, and general information, providing a direct and immediate form of communication.

Email Address Details

Additionally, Momteks has an email address for further correspondence. This allows for detailed communication and is particularly useful for formal inquiries and business communications.

Operation Time

The operation time of Momteks is aligned with industry standards. These hours are planned to maximize efficiency and service for their customers and business partners, covering various time zones.

Physical Presence

Momteks’ physical presence is marked by their strategically located office. This location is selected for its logistical advantages and easy accessibility for clients and business meetings.

Iska Textile: Business Profile

Highlighted Products

Iska Textile stands out for its highlighted products, which include a range of innovative and quality textiles. Their product line is diverse, catering to the evolving needs of the global textile market.

Contact via Phone

For direct interaction, Iska Textile provides a contact phone number. This allows customers and partners to easily reach out for immediate queries and support.

Email for Inquiries

Iska Textile also offers an email address for inquiries. This channel is monitored regularly, ensuring that all customer queries are addressed in a timely and professional manner.

Hours of Operation

The hours of operation at Iska Textile are set to meet the requirements of a diverse clientele. These hours are structured to ensure that the company remains accessible to clients across different regions and time zones.

Location Information

The location of Iska Textile is chosen for its accessibility and convenience. It supports the company’s logistical needs and provides an advantageous point for customer interaction and professional meetings.

Too Fabric: Overview of the Company

Featured Products

Too Fabric is known for its featured products, which showcase innovation and quality in textile manufacturing. Their product range is varied, appealing to a wide spectrum of clients in the fashion and textile industry.

Phone Details

For immediate contact, Too Fabric provides phone details. This direct line offers customers and business partners a quick and efficient way to communicate with the company.

Email Connectivity

In addition to phone communication, Too Fabric maintains an email address. This provides an alternative mode of communication, suitable for detailed queries and formal correspondence.

Operational Hours

Too Fabric’s operational hours are thoughtfully set to accommodate their global customer base. These hours reflect the company’s commitment to being accessible and responsive to clients in different time zones.


The address of Too Fabric is strategically located to facilitate business operations and client visits. This location is chosen for its convenience and accessibility, enhancing the company’s operational efficiency.

Ismail Sahin Textile: Company Details

Featured Product Line

Ismail Sahin Textile is recognized for its featured product line, which includes a variety of high-quality textiles. Their products are designed to meet the diverse needs of the textile market, from fashion to functional fabrics.

Telephone Information

The company provides telephone information for direct and immediate communication. This line is an essential tool for customer service, providing real-time responses and assistance.

Contact Email

For electronic communication, Ismail Sahin Textile offers a contact email. This is ideal for customers who prefer written correspondence, ensuring that their inquiries are addressed efficiently.

Business Hours

Ismail Sahin Textile operates during business hours that are designed to serve a wide range of customers. These hours are aligned with the needs of both local and international clients, ensuring availability and responsiveness.

Location Description

The location of Ismail Sahin Textile’s office is selected for its strategic importance. It is easily accessible for

Mot House: Corporate Overview

Product Range

Mot House has established itself as a prominent player in the corporate sector, offering a diverse range of products. Their product range is carefully curated to meet the needs of their target market, encompassing a variety of categories that reflect quality, innovation, and reliability.

Phone for Contact

For direct communication, Mot House provides a dedicated phone line. This line serves as an immediate point of contact for clients and partners, offering efficient customer service and support. Through this phone contact, Mot House ensures that queries and communications are handled promptly and effectively.

Email Address for Queries

In addition to telephone contact, Mot House also maintains an email address specifically for queries. This email serves as a convenient option for those who prefer digital communication, ensuring that customer inquiries, feedback, and business communications are addressed in a timely and organized manner.

Operating Hours

The operating hours of Mot House are thoughtfully structured to cater to a diverse clientele. These hours are designed to accommodate different time zones and schedules, ensuring accessibility and responsiveness to customers and business partners. This approach reflects the company's commitment to providing excellent customer service and maintaining strong business relationships.

Location Insights

The physical location of Mot House is strategically chosen for its accessibility and business advantages. Positioned in a prime area, the location facilitates easy access for clients, suppliers, and staff. It also enhances the company's operational efficiency and provides a conducive environment for business operations and client interactions. The choice of location reflects Mot House’s commitment to being an integral and accessible player in the corporate sector.

Embracing the Future of Fashion: Turkey's Role on the Global Stage

In conclusion, Turkey's garment manufacturing industry stands as a beacon of quality, innovation, and resilience. With a rich history rooted in textile production, these top companies are not just keeping up with global trends; they are setting them. From sustainable practices to embracing cutting-edge technologies, Turkish manufacturers are proving that it's possible to blend tradition with modernity.

As we look to the future, Turkey's role in the global fashion industry seems brighter than ever. These companies are not just manufacturing garments; they are weaving the very fabric of tomorrow's fashion world. Whether it's high-end fashion, fast fashion, or custom-tailored solutions, Turkey's garment manufacturers are ready to meet the demands of a dynamic and ever-evolving market.

So, next time you admire a beautifully crafted garment, remember the skill, dedication, and innovation that Turkish manufacturers bring to the global fashion table. As they continue to grow and evolve, we can't help but be excited about what the future holds for Turkey's garment industry and its contribution to the world of fashion.

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