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Top 19 Trail Running Shoes for Wet Weather: A Comprehensive Review

When it comes to running in wet weather conditions, having the right gear can make all the difference. From shoes with superior traction to moisture-wicking apparel, being properly equipped can ensure an enjoyable and safe running experience. In this comprehensive review, we will explore the top 19 trail running shoes designed specifically for wet weather conditions. Whether you're running on the road or off the beaten path, these shoes offer the necessary features to keep you comfortable and confident in any terrain.

Importance of Traction in Wet Weather

When running in wet weather, one of the most crucial factors to consider is traction. Slippery surfaces can pose a significant risk of injury, making it essential to choose shoes with excellent grip. Trail running shoes, such as the Brooks Catamount 2 and Divide 4, are specifically designed to provide optimal traction on both wet roads and muddy trails. These shoes feature extra grip to keep you stable and moving efficiently, ensuring a confident stride even in challenging conditions.

Water-Resistant and Waterproof Options

Aside from traction, another essential feature to look for in wet weather running shoes is water resistance. Keeping your feet dry can enhance your overall running experience and prevent discomfort. The Brooks Ghost 15 GTX and Cascadia 17 GTX are excellent examples of water-resistant running shoes. These shoes are integrated with a Gore-Tex membrane that acts as a barrier against water, k

eeping your feet protected and dry. If you're running in snowy conditions, waterproof running shoes like these can also help keep your feet warmer.

The High Point Collection

For trail runners seeking top-notch performance in wet weather, the Brooks High Point Collection offers an impressive lineup of shoes. Inspired by the rugged natural landscape, these shoes combine durability, traction, and comfort to help you conquer any trail. The updated Cascadia 17, a key member of the High Point Collection, is designed to adapt to the ever-changing terrain, making it an ideal choice for wet weather running. With its innovative features and high-quality construction, the Cascadia 17 ensures that you can always be an animal on the trails, regardless of the weather conditions.

The Foraged Collection

If you're an adventurous trail runner who loves exploring the unknown, the Brooks Foraged Collection is perfect for you. Inspired by topographical maps and rugged natural stone, these shoes offer both style and functionality. The adaptive Cascadia 17, part of the Foraged Collection, provides exceptional traction and stability on wet trails. Its unique design and advanced technologies make it an excellent choice for those who want to chart their run on new and exciting paths, even in challenging weather conditions.

Men's Trail Running Shoes for Wet Weather

Men's trail running shoes are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of off-road running, providing stability and comfort on uneven terrain. These shoes are equipped with features that offer adaptable grip and cushioning, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable running experience. The Brooks Caldera 6, for instance, features large grooves on the outsole and ample cushioning, allowing it to adapt to various trail conditions. Its TrailTack sticky rubber provides exceptional traction on both wet and dry surfaces. Other notable options for men's trail running shoes include the Catamount 2, Divide 4, and Cascadia 17, all of which offer the necessary support and protection for wet weather running.

All-Terrain Shoes for Women

For female runners who love exploring the great outdoors, all-terrain running shoes are essential. These shoes provide the stability and support needed to navigate different surfaces, ensuring a safe and enjoyable running experience. The Brooks Catamount 2, Divide 4, and Cascadia 17 are excellent choices for women's trail running shoes in wet weather. Designed with durability and traction in mind, these shoes allow you to push your limits and embrace the challenges of off-road running, regardless of the weather conditions.

Choosing the Right Apparel for Wet Weather Running

In addition to the right pair of trail running shoes, having suitable apparel is equally important when running in wet weather. Moisture-wicking fabric is a game-changer in keeping you dry during rain runs. Consider opting for pants and shirts made from this material to ensure maximum comfort and performance. The Method 7/8 Tight is an excellent choice for women, while the Momentum Thermal Tight provides fuller coverage and added warmth for colder weather. Pair your chosen bottoms with a moisture-wicking top and layer it up with a weather-resistant jacket like the Canopy Jacket for both men and women. This combination will keep you protected from the elements and allow you to focus on your run.

Additional Tips for Running in Wet Weather

Running in wet weather requires additional precautions to ensure safety and comfort. Here are some valuable tips to keep in mind:

  1. Choose the right socks: Opt for moisture-wicking socks that keep your feet dry and reduce the risk of blisters.
  2. Adjust your pace: Wet and slippery surfaces may require you to slow down and take shorter strides to maintain stability.
  3. Watch out for puddles: While it may be tempting to jump over puddles, be cautious as landing on a wet surface can be hazardous.
  4. Stay visible: Wear reflective gear or bright-colored clothing to enhance your visibility, especially in low-light conditions.
  5. Dry your shoes properly: After your run, remove the insoles and let your shoes air dry in a well-ventilated area to prevent odors and prolong their lifespan.

By following these tips and equipping yourself with the right gear, you can confidently tackle wet weather conditions and continue enjoying your trail running adventures.


When it comes to running in wet weather, having the right trail running shoes is crucial. The Brooks Catamount 2, Divide 4, Ghost 15 GTX, and Cascadia 17 GTX are among the top choices for runners seeking excellent traction and water resistance. These shoes, along with the High Point and Foraged Collections, provide the necessary features to conquer challenging terrains, regardless of the weather conditions. Additionally, choosing suitable apparel, such as moisture-wicking shirts and weather-resistant jackets, can enhance your overall running experience. By following the tips provided and staying prepared, you can confidently embrace wet weather runs and continue to pursue your passion for trail running. So lace up your shoes, hit the trails, and let the rain become just another element of your exhilarating running journey.

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