Leading Clothing Manufacturers in Los Angeles, California

Leading Clothing Manufacturers in Los Angeles, California


California, particularly Los Angeles, is a hub for fashion and apparel manufacturing, offering a diverse range of services from high-end fashion to innovative sportswear. In this article, we'll explore some of the top clothing manufacturers in California, highlighting their specialties and contributions to the fashion industry.

Process AG

Specialty: Process AG is renowned for its cutting-edge design and branding services. They stand out as a leader in the fashion industry, particularly for brands seeking a unique identity. Their expertise lies in creating distinctive brand images and designs that resonate with target markets, making them a go-to choose for fashion labels looking to differentiate themselves in a competitive market.

Alanic Global

Alanic Global is a dynamic player in the sports and fitness apparel sector. They specialize in high-quality, performance-oriented clothing. Their product range is tailored to meet the demands of an active lifestyle, offering both functionality and style. This makes them a preferred manufacturer for brands looking to tap into the growing fitness and athleisure market.

Wholesale Private Label Jackets Manufacturer

This company focuses on providing customized jacket designs for brands looking to expand their outerwear collections. They offer a range of styles and materials, allowing brands to create unique jackets that align with their identity and market needs. Their private label service is ideal for brands aiming to add exclusive and high-quality jackets to their lineups.

Fitness Clothing Manufacturer


As their name suggests, they specialize in manufacturing fitness and activewear. They cater to the growing market for sportswear, offering a range of products from yoga pants to performance tops. Their focus is on creating garments that are both functional and fashionable, aligning with the trends in the fitness apparel industry.

Affix Apparel


Affix Apparel offers a wide range of services from custom clothing design to production, particularly excelling in streetwear and casual apparel. They have a strong grasp of urban fashion trends, making them a popular choice for brands looking to create contemporary and edgy streetwear collections.

Dragon Crowd Garment, Inc.


Known for their extensive experience in the garment industry, Dragon Crowd Garment, Inc. offers a broad range of services from design to distribution. Their versatility and comprehensive service make them a one-stop shop for brands seeking full-spectrum manufacturing solutions.



ARGYLEHaus is synonymous with high fashion. They offer comprehensive services for design, production, and branding. Their expertise lies in creating luxury apparel and they are known for their meticulous attention to detail and quality, making them a preferred choice for high-end fashion brands.



Specializing in cut-and-sew manufacturing, Through6 is known for its quality craftsmanship and focus on sustainable practices. They are a great option for brands looking for environmentally friendly manufacturing processes without compromising on the quality of their garments.

Caitac Garment Processing Inc


Recognized for their innovative garment processing techniques, Caitac Garment Processing Inc contributes significantly to the denim industry. Their expertise in garment washing, dyeing, and finishing techniques makes them an essential player in the production of high-quality denim apparel.

Apparel Branders


Offering both domestic and offshore manufacturing options, Apparel Branders provide comprehensive solutions for clothing brands. They are known for their flexibility in production, catering to both small and large orders, and offering a range of services from fabric sourcing to final production.

LA Fashion Resource


LA Fashion Resource is a cornerstone for emerging designers in the fashion industry. It provides a plethora of resources and guidance essential for navigating the complexities of the fashion world. This includes assistance in areas like branding, production, and marketing, making it an invaluable asset for new designers looking to break into the competitive fashion market.

Mias Fashion Manufacturing Co.


Renowned for their expertise in private label manufacturing, Mias Fashion Manufacturing Co. serves a diverse range of fashion segments. They offer customized manufacturing solutions that enable brands to develop unique products under their own label, catering to various styles from high-end fashion to more casual wear.

Coldwater Production Inc.


Specializing in high-quality garment production, Coldwater Production Inc. focuses on contemporary fashion. Their services are geared towards creating modern, trend-setting apparel, employing the latest in fashion design and manufacturing technology to ensure top-notch quality and style.

Garment Group Inc.


As a key player in the manufacturing sector, Garment Group Inc. is known for their efficient production processes and stringent quality control. Their ability to consistently produce high-quality garments while maintaining efficient production timelines makes them a go-to manufacturer for brands prioritizing reliability and excellence.

Idea House & Co.


Idea House & Co. distinguishes itself through its innovative approach to design and manufacturing. They are known for incorporating cutting-edge ideas and technologies in their production processes, making them a favorite among brands looking for fresh and inventive manufacturing solutions.

UBX Inc.


UBX Inc. is recognized for their logistical expertise, playing a crucial role in the supply chain of the apparel industry. They provide essential services in logistics and distribution, ensuring that the manufacturing process is seamless from production to delivery.

Urth Apparel


Focusing on sustainable practices, Urth Apparel offers eco-friendly clothing manufacturing solutions. They are committed to reducing the environmental impact of apparel production, utilizing sustainable materials and practices in their manufacturing processes, making them a preferred choice for eco-conscious brands.

Fabric of the Universe


Known for its unique position in the industry, Fabric of the Universe specializes in avant-garde and futuristic designs. Their approach to fashion is innovative and forward-thinking, catering to brands that wish to push the boundaries of traditional fashion and explore new horizons in design.

Alanic Wholesale Clothing Manufacturer And Supplier


Offering a wide range of apparel options, Alanic excels in both casual and sportswear. Their diverse product line and commitment to quality make them a versatile and reliable supplier for a variety of clothing brands, from everyday casual wear to specialized athletic gear.

Seam Apparel


Known for their meticulous attention to detail, Seam Apparel caters to high-end fashion brands. Their focus on precision and excellence in garment production makes them ideal for luxury brands that demand the highest standards in quality and design.



Apliiq distinguishes itself with its customization services, offering unique apparel personalization options. They provide a platform for brands and individual designers to create customized clothing with a wide range of fabrics, patches, and embroidery. This makes Apliiq a go-to for those looking to create one-of-a-kind pieces or limited-edition collections.

Cotton Links


Specializing in cotton-based apparel, Cotton Links focuses on providing quality garments with an emphasis on comfort and sustainability. Their commitment to using cotton, a natural and renewable resource, appeals to brands and consumers seeking eco-friendly clothing options.

Bomme Studio


Bomme Studio is a boutique studio known for their artisanal approach to clothing manufacturing. They focus on craftsmanship and small-scale production, making them ideal for designers who value detailed, handcrafted work in their collections.

LA Fashion District


While not a manufacturer, the LA Fashion District is a crucial hub in the apparel industry. It offers access to a multitude of resources including fabric suppliers, manufacturing services, and fashion showrooms. This district is a vital component for anyone in the apparel industry in California, from emerging designers to established brands.

The Evans Group (TEG)


TEG is renowned for their small-batch manufacturing, specifically catering to independent designers and startups. Their focus on small-scale production allows for a more personalized and flexible manufacturing process, which is crucial for emerging brands or those experimenting with new designs.

Lefty Production Co.


Offering a full range of services from design to delivery, Lefty Production Co. is known for their efficiency and quality. They provide end-to-end solutions, making them a convenient and reliable choice for brands that require comprehensive production services.

ARGYLE Haus of Apparel


Similar to ARGYLEHaus™, ARGYLE Haus of Apparel focuses on high-end fashion production and branding services. They are known for their expertise in luxury apparel, offering bespoke services that cater to the high standards of premium fashion brands.

A3 Design Wholesale


A3 Design is recognized for their innovative approach to wholesale clothing manufacturing. They combine creative design with scalable production capabilities, making them a suitable partner for brands looking to blend uniqueness with marketability.

Make It LA


Committed to local production, Make It LA focuses on keeping manufacturing within Los Angeles. They offer quality manufacturing services and are a popular choice for brands committed to supporting local industries and reducing their carbon footprint.

9B Apparel


Known for their broad range of services covering different apparel categories, 9B Apparel offers versatility in manufacturing. Their capability to produce a wide array of clothing types makes them a suitable choice for brands with diverse product lines.

Luxury Knit


As a leader in knitwear, Luxury Knit provides high-quality knitted garments focusing on luxury and comfort. Their specialization in knit fabrics sets them apart, catering to a niche market in the fashion industry.

Discovering the Best Clothing Manufacturers in California

When looking for the right manufacturer in California, it's essential to consider factors like production capacity, quality control, turnaround time, and specialization. Effective strategies to find suitable manufacturers include utilizing search directories, networking at industry events, and attending fashion shows.

Conclusion: Navigating California's Rich Landscape of Clothing Manufacturers

California's apparel manufacturing landscape is extensive and varied, offering solutions for all types of clothing brands, from startups to well-established labels. Whether the focus is on high fashion, sportswear, or sustainable clothing, California's manufacturers possess the expertise and resources to bring diverse designs to life. Successfully navigating this landscape requires a clear understanding of your brand's specific needs and the unique offerings of each manufacturer, ensuring a perfect match between the brand's vision and the manufacturer's capabilities.

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